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August 2015

Searching for the Best Real Estate Agency in Singapore is never easy, let alone joining the Best Group in OrangeTee or Best Team in OrangeTee. Leon Low was searching for this back in 2005 until he found OrangeTee, an agency that is so dynamic and versatile in developing the growth of the company and endless opportunities for OrangeTee agents and now my team members that are eager to help each other succeed in this Real Estate Career.

Integrating with these factors, Leon Low would like to invite you to join sgDistrict Team in OrangeTee charging forward to challenge what seems impossible.

OrangeTee – a prominent Real Estate Agency in Singapore. a Singapore brand founded in 2000. For 15 years, OrangeTee has established itself as a reputable, dynamic and fast-growing real estate enterprise in Singapore. With over 2000 Real Estate Agents registered under OrangeTee reflected in CEA web site, together with the management, support staff, real estate consultants, we aim to provide a one-stop solution to the real estate needs of both our corporate and individual clients.
OrangeTee the Best Property Agency?”
OUR VISION. To be the most outstanding and respected REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISE in the region.

OrangeTee Resources to equip our Real Estate Agents

  • Rewarding OrangeTee Commission Scheme (Even more rewarding now!)
  • OrangeTee Work at Home IT System
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Project Information
  • HDB Transacted Prices with more detail information
  • Caveat Search
  • e-Litho
  • Power Search for Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties
  • Home Biz
  • HDB Home Loan Calculator
  • Keyless Office access from 8 am to 11 pm
  • In-house Core and Non-core subjects for CPD
  • Weekly Training to keep you focus
  • Advance Training Course if you like new challenges

and many more, for you to explore when you join us.

“Can Joining OrangeTee benefit my clients?”
OUR MISSION. OrangeTee provides a strong team of quality, committed and passionate people offering unique and effective solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.
Who to join in OrangeTee?”

What makes Leon Low & Team unique in OrangeTee?

Leon Low combining his knowledge in Real Estate of 9 years, Construction of 7 years, Instructor of 2 years and Information Technology including but not limited to Web Hosting, Web site programming of 29 years. You can be sure there are always more than one practical solution for your case or setup a web site just to market your listing for additional exposure other than our usual online property classified.

Here are some example for additional exposure, you should be able to see his site in first few pages of the search engines, go to Google, Bing and Yahoo, key in Join Property Agency in the search box to see the result. I hope you like what you see and more interesting projects are coming soon.

Our activities to keep you focus:

1. Monthly Group Training
2. Monthly Managers Training
3. Weekly Training
4. One to one coaching and mentoring
5. Secondary Market GTA, GTC or GTD Training
6. New Project Launches, Residential, Commercial and Industrial


What are the requirements to Join us in OrangeTee?

  • Willing to CHANGE for the better
  • Willing to LEARN and APPLY
  • Want to EARN more
  • Self DRIVEN
  • Can work INDEPENDENTLY as well as a TEAM
  • InNOvaTiVE (if you can guess the abbreviation, you get a prize!)
  • Enthusiastic
  • POSITIVE mindset

It is not mandatory requirement, however if you possess any 2 of the listed above, you will find it more meaningful to Join us in OrangeTee and the others can be cultivated and inspired.

How to join OrangeTee as a Property Agent?”

Guide to apply as New Property Agent

Mandatory Requirements for new applicants:

1. Minimum 21 years old. Male applicants should complete or exempted from National Service.
2. Applicants must meet the educational qualification of at least 4 GCE ‘O’ Level passes or equivalent. (What is equivalent? Contact Leon Low to find out more.)

Under the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) rule, all new applicants must meet the above requirements and passed the Real Estate Salesperson examination before they can apply to be a licensed Real Estate Salesperson, unless you have one of these Certificates. Here are the steps you need to follow in joining OrangeTee:

5 Steps to be OrangeTee Property Agent

1. Register to be part of OrangeTee with Leon Low.
2. Register with one of the RES Course Centers or OrangeTee recommended course providers.
3. Complete the RES Course.
4. Take the RES Examination and wait for result.
5. When Passed RES Exam, Register for CEA License via OrangeTee Admin.

Guide to apply as Experienced Property Agent or Team Leader

For experienced Agents and Team leaders, why wait till Year 2016 to benefit from OrangeTee branding in the region and new launches participation? Register with Leon Low in OrangeTee, we have special schemes for your transfer and you can have a head start in Year 2016.

Contact Leon Low for a discussion to see what he had already in plan for you. Click the Join Us Now button.

“Do your transfer with Leon Low this year!”

With our current packages, it only makes sense for you to register with us now. Don’t you want to attach your new OrangeTee business cards in your Season Greetings cards?

Join OrangeTee – Join sgDistrict Team

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I Wish You Success in your finding,
orangetee - leon low
Leon Low
Team Leader
Contact: 9369 5588
Email: recruitment @
CEA Reg No: R012956B

P.S. I have found the right agency, group and team members, have you?
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